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Raku investigations into fire / Dorothy Jones

Raku investigations into fire / David Jones

There is a marrying of ideas, process and action in Raku that creates some of the most exciting forms of contemporary clay expression. This book is a comprehensive consideration of this most popular ceramic process. A line is traced from its earliest beginnings in ritual in Japan to current preoccupations dealing with the relationship between clay, the artist and fire. A concise history of Raku provides a framework for understanding the most recent developments in materials technology, while an analysis of design illuminates the ways in which new ideas are developed. This is the ideal book for both the beginner and the experienced practitioner. There is an extensive examination of the ways of generating rich and seductive surfaces, yet it also deals with the most recent innovations in technology and process - all lavishly illustrated with high-quality color photographs. The critical perspective brought to the analyses of the concepts underpinning traditional and contemporary Raku reflects the authors training as a philosopher and his subsequent experience as a ceramics glazes lecturer. This book is essential, not only for any potter interested in Raku, but also for collectors and those concerned with the development of ideas and traditions in ceramics.

Raku investigations into fire / Dorothy Jones
 Raku investigations into fire / Dorothy Jones

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